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Optilly Advanced Marketing

Managed or self serve? We believe the answer is a guided self-serve system that utilizes expert advise and technology to boost your returns on Facebook.

We provide you with the tools and strategy, you manage the campaign.

How It Works

Strategize :

Your personal profitability specialist reviews your campaign creatives and marketing goals, then outlines a strategy to boost your ROI.

Create :

Instead of creating 1000's of ads optilly uses Multi Variate testing to only test a couple 100 ads and arrive at meaningful results, matching the right audiences with the right ads.

Test :

Optilly determines the best audiences to target by testing the performance of multiple factors such as age, gender, location, interests, categories and suggests making more ads, which you can do instantly.

Optimize :

Optilly tracks response rates across all your ads and uses an advance bid optimization algorithm that changes bids every 5 mins to keep your costs low while achieving your acquisition target.
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