Vince Mundy

Founder, CEO

Vince brings extensive leadership, management and operational expertise to InstallMonetizer. Prior to founding InstallMonetizer, Vince Mundy co-founded OrangeShark.

OrangeShark Is a social gaming network with over 8 Million users. OrangeShark was acquired by PurpleTalk.

Vince graduated from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) with a major in MS.

Lloyd Jacob

Founder, COO

Lloyd brings his product vision, business development and management expertise to Optilly. His entrepreneurial background includes gaming, ad networks and online marketing.

Lloyd led product development at OrangeShark, an online social gaming network with over 8 million users. It was eventually acquired by PurpleTalk. Prior to that Lloyd founded Admonetizer which boasted over 300 webmasters across the globe.

Lloyd graduated from San Jose State University with a major in MIS.

Sudhakar Chintu


Sudhakar is a product and technology leader with 14+ years of experience in building large-scale transactional platforms and distributed systems. A hands on leader with a passion for innovating technologies, building highly effective teams, and focusing on delivering competitively superior technology solutions to businesses while growing people in the organization.

Sudhakar has worked with eBay, Fannie Mae, AC Nielsen. He shines as an architect and technical leader, building teams that develop superior quality enterprise software for eCommerce, Payments and Online Transaction Platforms.

Sudhakar graduated from Institution of Engineers (India) where he majored in Computer Engineering. While at IEI Sudhakar co-founded Pandora Networks (currently Panterra Networks) where he served as Director and technology leader for 3 years.

Legal Team:

Anil Advani

Legal Advisor

Purva Satia

Legal Advisor

Tech Team:

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